Voltage spike question


I am running the following battery: ZOHD LionPack 4s2p LI-ION ( ZOHD Lionpack Max 21700 4S2P 10000mAh 14.8V Li-ion Battery )

According to it’s spec sheet it has a maximum continuous discharge current of 20A.

I have spikes reaching 30A (see graph below) when climbing my plane. The battery spec sheet doesn’t say anything about what kind of spikes it can tolerate, and for how long. Does anyone have any experience with these batteries? Should I be concerned about these spikes?

The nearest thing I can find is
Max. Discharge Rate: 2C
which also is equal to what they say is the maximum continuous discharge rate, 20amps :man_shrugging:

You might want to set the BATT_WATT_MAX to something like 320 (20amps x 16 volts) or a bit less.

or look at the THR_MAX params as a way of limiting current draw.

Heard back from ZOHD, they said such spikes are totally fine as long as the average stays below 20amps. So I set my max to 25amps x 16volts