Voltage Regulation w/ Three Position Switch


New kid on the block here so beware…

I have a Holybro Kakute F7 and was curious if there was a way to regulate the voltage at a 5V pin/pad with a three-position switch on the controller. Let’s say Position 1(P1) is set to 0V, P2 is set to 2.5V, and P3 is 5v.

For those interested, I am trying to create an electromagnetic pickup and I have various gauges of magnet wire that I am wrapping around a ferromagnetic core. I have bench tested some of the e-mags and they perform well and am hoping I can get them connected to the board. With amperage being a limiting factor I am left with the number of turns around the core I can make but am unsure of how to turn on and off the e-mag.

Experience and insight would be most valuable.



The 5V pins will always provide 5V. The signal pins can be regulated per PWM, but they can provide only a few miliamps. If you want to regulate the strength of the magnet, I would use a brushed ESC.