Voice commands for the shortcut modes in APM

First off, Im no coder. No doubt, someone with actual programming skills could have figured this out in a much shorter period of time. I, however, was up all night. I wasn’t willing to give up on the idea of voice commands for triggering flight modes & other commands. in APM planner. I hit several road block along the way but was finally able to get it done. The final workflow was actually pretty simple, thanks to the new dictation commands utility in Yosemite. I finally upgraded. It is far easier to understand than speakable items in Mavericks.

Im about to go out and take my vocal commands for a spin. Happy to share if anyone is interested in giving it a whirl.

Did you add more shortcuts to the app, or just the standard ones? Do you need more? I can add them

I made voice commands for 11 or 12 shortcuts. The limitation, as I can see it is that you can only have 8 shortcut buttons viewable at one time. Unless Im missing something. but to answer your question, yes. More shortcuts, more flexibility to the app.
You know what would be great. If someone could figure out a way to separate the 4 hud panels so you can view them simultaneously. For example, sometimes when I have the actions panel frontmost and viewable, Id really like to be able to glance at the quick panel or potentially the messages panel also.

Im going to attach a few images that should give you a pretty good idea how to setup these vocal commands for controlling amp 2.0 or any other app that you might like to tackle hands free.

I have added commands for all the flight modes as well as navigation commands for purpose of switching between various views. i.e… quick view, action view, status view, messages view.
flight data, flight plan, inertial setup, configure/tuning, graphs

I have also added some secondary commands for instances in which apm planner require a confirmation
i.e. vocal command: enter auto mode
apm planner: are you sure you want to enter auto mode
presented with options: confirm or abort
secondary vocal command as a response to inquire: yes or no

Happy to share the files if your interested

What I’m really interested in doing is finding a way to view the 4 tabbed windows of the info view simultaneously. It would be great to be able to utilize multiple monitors as a means of being able to view all windows within apm planner at the same time.