VL53L1X and sonarrange value

Good morning. I connected a VL53L1X I2C sensor to a Holybro PX4 controller and configured according to the instructions. A couple of questions:

sonarrange reports values from 0.07-0.09 regardless of distance. What is this value? Does this mean that the sensor is not functioning properly?

I set address to 41 as per doc instructions. However default address according to spec sheet is 82 for the L1. However, when I set to 82, sonarrange is always 0.

Given above, it seems to see the sensor, but because of the strange sonarrange reading, I am not confident I have done it correctly. I appreciate the comments. Thank you.

Update to ArduCopter 4.2.3.

Why are you using ArduCopter 4.0.x?

I think I just miscategorized the question. I upgraded the firmware in May 2022.

if your getting readings but they are inaccurate then its probably a faulty sensor. can you post a log so we can see your settings?

Thank you so much for the reply. I was inspecting the sensor and the top of the laser chip separated and fell off. Maybe you’re right and it was bad. I ordered another one. When it arrives, I will see if that solves the problem then post the logs if the behavior is the same. Thank you.

I finally got the new sensor. I’m getting a better reading range now, so it looks like that first sensor was bad. Thank you for the pointer. The sonarrange value update does seem a little choppy though. The update is not as fluid as I would have expected. I’m getting reasonable values, but they don’t seem to change smoothly. Just curious if that is just the way that parameter updates?