Visualisation of real flight in SITL

Is it possible to to visualise real flight with data from MP/plane in sitl with xplane/flightgear?
Thanks in advance, Nikita.

Figured out by myself.
Probably someone will need it, so here how I did it.

I have:

  • Flightgear 2016.2.1
  • Python 2.7 with installed Mavproxy
  • Mission Planner
  • My .tlog file with name log in C:\Python27\Scripts folder
  • Windows 10

Steps to work it out:

  1. I made .bat file to start flighgear with external fdm

    start fgfs ^
    –prop:/controls/gear/gear-down=false ^
    –prop:/sim/current-view/view-number=2 ^
    –enable-rembrandt ^
    –disable-real-weather-fetch ^
    –wind=0@0 ^
    –timeofday=noon ^
    –aircraft=Rascal110-JSBSim ^
    –native-fdm=socket,in,30,5503,udp ^
    Placed it in bin folder of flightgear and execute it

  2. Start playback with mavproxy
    You need to setup properly Python
    Run command line, You will start in Windows\System folder, You need to get to Python scripts folder where mavlink scripts are stored

    cd …/…
    cd Python27\Scripts
    python --fgout= log.tlog
    Mavproxy will start sending data to flightgear and also stream mavlink to default 14550 udp port so You can connect here via Mission Planner.

  3. Connect Mission Planner via udp with default port 14550 to view info about plane.

I think everything is possible in *nix too.

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Very interesting work , I am looking for that long time , But always facing problems .
If you can do a Video for all Steps , it will benefit many users .

Thanks in advance .