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VISION_POSITION_ESTIMATE not appearing in QGroundControl

(Subodh Mishra) #72

Sorry, I can only get back to you on this after 2 months and I guess you must have figured it out by then.
But why are you switching to a mode that needs 3d fix?

I think
[ WARN] [1531380481.439952513]: TM: Wrong FCU time.
[ WARN] [1531380489.054766092]: GP: No GPS fix
is normal because I presume that you are indoor and there is no GPS there. And even if you are outdoor, it may display these warnings because you have set AHRS_GPS_USE to 0 and I don’t think you can switch to GPS dependent modes with this parameter set to zero.

(rmackay9) #73

I think VISO_TYPE can be left at “0” although it probably doesn’t hurt to be “1”. The VISO_ feature is for visual odometry which is different from the external position estimates…

I think that @chobitsfan used the mocap message which sends in a yaw attitude as well and so he was able to disable the compasses and perhaps that’s how he avoided seeing the EKF Compass error message.

(Chobitsfan) #74

@rmackay9 is correct. I disable all compass because of magnetic interference in my environment. (but leave MAG_ENABLE = 1, see this issue). Both position and yaw are feed from motion capture system

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(Andrea Belloni) #75

Thanks @rmackay9 and @chobitsfan for your answer, I will try with VISO_TYPE=0 and COMPASS_USE=1 even if using mavros/vision_pose/pose topic I send both position and orientation and so even yaw attitude.

I would like to see mavros launch and config files from @jeff_null to understand if I miss something on that side.

(Andrea Belloni) #76

@rmackay9 I read that one of the key piece that gave us a good working vision_position_estimate handling was the PR “for handling the system clock differences between the companion-computer/GCS and the flight controller”.

So I was thinking that the warning “TM: Wrong FCU time” could be the cause of my problem, maybe I have to send a synchronization message before all the other stuff.
What do you think about this?

(rmackay9) #77


I’ve also seen that message on a colleague’s PC when using ROS and I think it should go away if the TIMESYNC and/or SYSTEM_TIME messages are being transferred between AP and ROS.

I don’t know for sure and I think it should work even with that message appearing but I hope we can make it go away eventually. Maybe @peterbarker has some more input.

(Andrea Belloni) #78

In the mavros sys_time plugin there is handle for mavlink TIMESYNC message:

On the relative wiki they say that this is only for PX4:

But I see that also Ardupilot has handle for mavlink TIMESYNC message:

Anyway I am not able to go further on this front so for now I will continue with my Aruco vision_position_estimate tests ignoring the warning “TM: Wrong FCU time”.


(Subodh Mishra) #79

Hey guys… I am using the following param set:


to do vision based state estimation. The pipeline is complete, ie. I am sending data in /mavros/vision_pose/pose and getting an output in /mavros/local_position/pose but these topics are not same at all. So, I think there is an issue with the frame of reference of both these topics. For my setup the /mavros/vision_pose/pose comes from the tracking a single aruco markers and the result in the topic is the position of the drones camera in the marker’s frame. How can I get similar results in both the aforementioned topics, in other words , how can I get input topic = output topic.

When I say the topics aren’t same, I mean that the data contained in them is not same.

(Andrea Belloni) #80

From what I have understood VISO_TYPE 1 is only necessary if you use the VISION_POSITION_DELTA message with EKF3, to use the VISION_POSITION_ESTIMATE message (with EKF2) should be necessary EK2_GPS_TYPE 3 and COMPASS_USE 0 in addition to the parameters to choose EKF2 and GPS_TYPE 0

(Subodh Mishra) #81

Hey @anbello thanks for your response. But can you be a little more clear and specific? Can you please tell me the parameters you have set?

(Andrea Belloni) #82

Hi @Subodh_Mishra
I have the following parameters on my quad:

my quad stream the video from a camera via WiFi like your, only it is DIY:

  • little quad (130mm) with RevoMini FC with Arducopter 3.6 rc7
  • on the quad there is a Raspberry Pi 0 with Raspberry Cam streaming video to Desktop PC
  • on Desktop PC there is ROS Kinetic with mavros and aruco_mapping
  • the video is streamed with gstreamer and on the PC the node gscam get this stream and publish camera/image_raw and camera/camera_info topics
  • on the PC aruco_mapping (slightly modified by me) subscribe to above topics and publish a camera_pose message to the mavros/vision_pose/pose topic.

I forget to say that i send a SET_GPS_GLOBAL_ORIGIN and a SET_HOME_POSITION messages (similar to this) before sending vision position estimate.

When all this is running and I have the quad on my hand (disarmed) with camera pointing to a marker I can see /mavros/vision_pose/pose and /mavros/local_position/pose that moves in a coherent manner.

When I try to arm and fly over the marker if I switch to Loiter mode the quad drift and is not stable.

One problem I see is a not so good video quality and when I fly over the marker the marker itself is detected intermittently and not in a smooth an continuous manner as needed. I have to work to improve the quality of the streamed video and perhaps to redo a camera calibration procedure.

Another thing that I did not understand well is if I’m using the correct transformation when I send the message /mavros/vision_pose/pose, I am talking about the ENU NED stuff as explained here under " Asserting on Reference Frames".

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(Subodh Mishra) #83

Thanks @anbello, I am going to try this and get back to you in a day or two.

(Subodh Mishra) #84

Hey @anbello, Do you arm your quad using the controller/transmitter or in using ros commands for mavros?

(Subodh Mishra) #85

Don’t you think this should be set to 3, which means no GPS?

(Andrea Belloni) #86

Yes it’s a typo I mean 3
now I edit the previous post with the right value, thanks

(Andrea Belloni) #87

I arm with the controller

(Subodh Mishra) #88

What mode are you in when you arm your quadrotor?

(Andrea Belloni) #89

I arm the quadrotor in ALTHOLD mode

(Subodh Mishra) #90

Thanks for the response @anbello. Even I arm it in the ALT HOLD mode., But I use Qgroundcontrol to do this. After arming (actually you can do this without arming) I give the takeoff command from Qgroundcontrol and then the motors start working(I have removed the propellors for safety) as if its trying to takeoff and the same time my mode automatically switches to guided mode. Does it happen with you?

I had one more doubt, what did you mean when you said " with camera pointing to a marker I can see /mavros/vision_pose/pose and /mavros/local_position/pose that moves in a coherent manner."? Do these two topics publish exactly the same values?

(Andrea Belloni) #91

Not exactly the same values but near values.
The values coming from /mavros/vision_pose/pose varies quickly (little errors in the estimation from aruco marker), those coming from /mavros/local_position/pose are smoothed from the EKF.
When I will have the time I will post a video to clarify better.