Visible vibration

Since my monster drone completely crashed I had to build a smaller on: a chinese dji 450 frame and chinese pixhawk 2.4.8.

It flights ok. I built in all the knowledge I gathered from the big one:

  • vibration reduction - balanced props, ballanced motor (+prop), vibration pad.
  • air isolation (barometer) - possibly not perfect yet.
  • high current cables - compass question
  • tuning parameters - optimized for 10" props.

So the vibe values are OK X, Y <5, Vibe Z<20. The raw values are OK too (ACCX, Y < ±3; ACCZ is between -5 and -15.

But the drone (since it is light weight (with battery ~1200gramms) has a visible vibration. Not always, and can’t define a clear rule when. I couldn’t identified a regularity (in automatic landing never - after take off often, but not always).
Here is the link to the log file:!AotAJyqLFfNV7mUbazJ9xPjaoAPp?e=e6sfTj

Here is another log file from a flight today.!AotAJyqLFfNV7mbmGa08k3XftBbX?e=L0pOtU
The first short take off shows the situattion when I eliminated the daming pad with a rubber. Here the frame vibration is very high, after I removed this rubber and the vibration values on the pixhawk decreased to a normal and correct value. (Naturally the frame vibration continued.)
I counted it is 7Hz. - can it be in correlation with some filter values (which are 21Hz?)

Thanks for the help in advance,


I cannot recommend chinese Pixhawk clones. They are dangerous and not worth it. Go for a mRO Pixhawk or X2.1 instead.

You mean air flow isolation?

Visible vibration might come from flexible arms and badly balanced weight?!

Arms are definitely strong enough (not flexible).
Wight is quite well balanced.
So maybe the chinese pixhawk is the problem.

I don’t think the Pixhawk causes the issue. If they work they do perform ok. But they might malfunction suddenly and cause a desaster. You should see it in the logs if the sensors are so bad they already cause issues.

It doesn’t seems bad. The internal board voltage was low(4.6V), but I added another power source and replaced the shcottky diode to a stornger one, now, it is 5V.

which parameter can influence this? I set all the necessary parameters to a 10" prop.

Set the gyro filter back to 20Hz and give it a try.

Ok thanks i will try. When the wether gets back sunny i will try a new fly.

HI finally I notcied that the gyrofilter was set to 21. (in the calculation excel there was s comment.

now I set it back to 42 - which seems solved the issue.
Although the VIBE Z increase from 10-20 region to 20-30 (but yesterday anyway was a high wind), but the visible vibration disappeared completely.

Thanks for the help