Video transmission

I am beginner and drone enthusiast. I recently got pixhawk 2.4.8 and I want some help with respect to video transmission to ground station. I want to start from zero so any advice or suggestion are most welcome.


What kind of video transmitter are you planning on using? Pixhawk doesn’t always come with OSD, in which case you would have nothing to connect anywhere on the FC. You would just use a camera, connect video to the vTx and send video down. What do you mean when you say you want video transmission to ground station? You could get video in a set of FPV goggles or you could get a video receiver that you can plug into your computer’s USB port and then feed that video into your Mission Planner. Need more details as to what exactly you are trying to do.

I want to use a video receiver and feed the video into mission planner. So can you help me with setting up OSD with pixhawk and transmitting the video? Can you share any links for the same?

If you can get a video feed into your groundstation computer, have you tried Missionplanner > Config tab > Planner> Video device (it is at the top of the window)

Pixhawk doesn’t have a Video Transmitter or OSD so you will need these as accessory boards.

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Ok , i understand what’s you looking for

You need video + telemetry data it’s show what’s going on copter , right ?

So you need

  1. Skydroid remote or … …

  2. Rpi over through 4g internet Just like this ? Right ??

Or much more but it’s easy to work perfect

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah. Sure. Can you suggest any modules or things I can use with it? Also what is the other flight controller that have in build video transmission setup?

Do you have any open source system for this?

No Flight Controllers that Arducopter supports have built in Video Transmitters. Many boards have built in OSD. Supported boards here:

I suggest you read the Arducopter Wiki from the beginning as you are lacking basic information.

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Cool. Thanks. Will read it for sure.
Also, where can I find information regarding OSD configuration with pixhawk/Ardupilot? Can you suggest me any links?

You will get to it as you read thru the Wiki:

Okay cool Thanks. It was helpful information.

You only need telemetry data so there is 1 module for you

There is no flight controller build in video transmitter accept beta flight support only OSD chip in flight controller on 30Ă—30 or 20Ă—20 stack you can see this
Also closed hardware are still working but not for more load due to limited ram memory

Read the wiki

I hope your all questions answer right here :sweat_smile:

Happy flying :slightly_smiling_face:


@ssd_09, Thanks for asking this question, you gave me an idea for a quick video to add to a Youtube channel I created not too long ago that was in need of a shot in the arm. So your question gave me the motivation to make a quick video about it and post it on my channel. At the end of the video I share a link to a playlist I’ve been making about setting up an Arduplane vehicle, maybe you will find it useful too.

Give me some feedback/comments in the video, and you know, like, subscribe… :slight_smile:
I’ll try to make more of these videos if they are useful

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