Video of my run at AVC 2015 and recap

This was my only complete run during the competition . I had plenty of good runs during practice. It did great navigating around the barrels. There was a spraypainted circle for each barrels position this year so the spots did not change from other people moving them during the day.

I was using a pixhawk with dual gps on a Traxxas slash platinum. Unsure why the the throttle was surging this run, other run videos it was smooth.

I have some more practice run videos but I hit a deer and took my car out of commission and didn’t retrieve it before dropping off at repair place. Still 1000 miles away from home.

The course was a bit harder this year. Not many in Peleton class were able to make a complete run. I think only 3 did. I got 3rd place. Mine did good correcting from crashes unless it ended upside down. I need to work on getting my turns sharper. Also need to review my footage after each run. I didnt know i was hitting the median since i couldnt see it behind shrubbery from my viewpoint.

Congratulations! Third place in the Peloton is no small feat!!
Sorry to hear about you car. Hope that everything works out for you!!

Good job Keebie!

Safe travels and thanks for sharing :slight_smile: