Vibration Problem 450 Helicopter

Since I had a crash, which destroyed my main Glass fibre blades, I’ve had a vibration problem. I rebuilt the copter, with new carbon fibre blades, which weigh less than the glass ones, new main shaft, main gear ( it had lost a tooth) and tail blades. The blades have been balanced, and checked. The heli is fitted with a Pixhawk, mounted in an extension under carriage.
I’ve enclosed a two bin logs taken from the SD card.
The ‘no6 bin log’ is with Heli suspended from elastic bands, with No main blades attached and spooled up.
As you can see there is very little vibration.
The second ‘no8 bin log’ is with blades attached and doing a test flight. Now the ‘Y’ axis is showing excess vibration.
Can anybody suggest how I can cure this.

Eeew, now this is really getting into the annoying aspects of tradhelis. It could be so many things that could be bent:

Blade Grips
Feathering Shaft
Tail Boom
Torque Tube
Tail Rotor shaft, etc.

I am thinking of getting my old 450 clone up and running with my APM 2.5. It could have any manner of issues.

Is there any mileage in my fitting the apm, but not fully plumbing it so I am still RX to servo direct, but T the throttle and rudder in so I can arm it and use it as a data logger?



I’ve not been able to get at my 450 tradheli, for the summer.
I have now reduced the vibrations, I hope to an acceptable level.
I have mounted the pixhawk on “four pads of VULCAN GEL 4mm thick”. I’ve attached a log file of
my latest test flight, in a sports hall, so the GPS is not working, can anybody please check my log to point out any other faults in the setup.