Vehicle direction determine


How to determine the front and rear of the vehicle in a four motors skid steer configuration.


I’m not sure that I totally understand but a four motor skid-steering vehicle is setup just like a two wheeled skid steering vehicle. So the two left motors should receive the same signal and similarly the two right motors should also receive the same signal.

If you’re using MP for the setup you can setup multiple PWM outputs to receive the same signal. Even if you’re not using MP for the setup you can manually set SERVOx_FUNCTION = ThrottleLeft for multiple outputs (e.g. for different values of “x”).

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Hi @rmackay9

I think I was misunderstood. First of all, let me write down the hardware information I use.
I have 4 motors. I am using a 2 channel motor controller. I connect 2 motors to each channel. i use autopilot pixhawk 2.4.8

In this case, would the front of the vehicle be the same as the direction of the pixhawk?


I guess you’re asking how to mount the autopilot?

With a Pixhawk1 autopilot, the servo connectors are on the back of the board. The front of the board should point towards the front of the vehicle.

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding the question.

exactly the answer i want

thank you for your answer.

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