Variance the Weight

@xfacta I was studying the topics where you comment about correct the ATC when variance the weight.

I would just like to align the understanding.

Currently I have this values:
min tow: 9.000g
max tow: 10.900g
ATC_ACCELL_P_MAX = 46575.27
ATC_ACCELL_R_MAX = 54475.48
ATC_ACCELL_Y_MAX = 10891.68

I pretend add +one baterry to have autonomy larger. Then the load will change as below.

min tow: 12.300g
max tow: 13.300g

It safe to do the account below?
min_tow/max_tow = 0,92

ATC_ACCELL_P_MAX = 46575.27 * 0,92 = 43073.37 (New value)
ATC_ACCELL_R_MAX = 54475.48 * 0,92 = 50379.58 (New value)
ATC_ACCELL_Y_MAX = 10891.68 * 0,92 = 10072.76 (New value)

Looks good to me, yes.

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Yes, and you can even round down those new values to something convenient like 43000, 50000 (or less), 10000
The single digits and decimal places wont make any noticeable difference.

If those original values where from Autotune at 9kg then the new values might even be something like
32000, 38000, 8000 just as rough estimates (9/13 = 0.7)
The danger with going too low will be losing resistance to disturbances (wind).

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@amilcarlucas @xfacta Thanks! I go test and shared with you the result.