V2450gps , won't fly higher than 10inch off the ground. New motors fitted

I’m a newbie and this is my first drone. So I’ve had my sv for about a month and the rear left motor packed up. Had some heavy use and a couple of bumps, ok alot of bumps and a tangle with a bush. So guessing the other three might also be on their way out, I thought I’d replace all four. I live in the uk and skyrocket does not post spares to the uk. I messeged them to explain I live in uk, could Please recomend a replacement I could purchase in the uk. To which I got directed to their parts web page, which does not give you a option to post to uk. So they was useless. So went rogue and took a punt on these

After I replaced the motors I can not seem to get more than 10inchs off the ground. I’ve done all the motor calibrations. So have I been a complete melt and got the wrong motors or is there something else wrong?

Hi Lee,

I’m guessing these aren’t strong enough. Or one of the set may be really weak. Here’s one way to check for a weak motor in the set: connect to the SkyviperGPS SSID via your phone or computer and open a browser to and this will connect you to the web AP (access point).

Click on System Status, then select the motors tab. Set the throttle level lower to a value of 20% and spin up each motor individually. Now ‘listen’ to the motors as they spin. If one of the motors is super weak, you will hear a difference. When you have a weak motor in the set, it will bring all other motors down to its level in order to compensate during flight. If you keep the frame held down, or remove the props, you can bring the throttle value up and the ‘sound’ of what you are listening for may be more clear.

Each motor has a harmonic, or frequency sound, as it powers. You’ll feel a little bit like a ‘motor whisperer’ as you do this, but you will be able to tell pretty easily if one of these guys is weaker.

As for other types of motors, I’ve put some MMW motors in my frame and they sing beautifully! These were the ones I tried: https://micro-motor-warehouse.com/collections/all-motors/products/cl-0820-18 Pricey, but MMW motors are very nice. I also noticed that a set of RaceStar motors I got for evaluation had the exact same stamp on the bottom of the motors. The symbol translates to something like HI MAX and I found the company that manufactures these, but they only sell them to branding partners like MMW or RaceStar.

It’s sadly the joy of dealing with brushed motors… if they get obstructed, they heat up fast and will slowly destroy themselves internally resulting is decreased performance.

Hope that helps!


Thanks Matt. Going to see if i can get them bit closer to home to save on shipping. Tho was very helpful thanks.

Great motor info. Matt what is the KV of the stock motors? I don’t think I’d need insane but would like to replace in my project.

I have a Sky Viper SV2450GPS and replaced a motor that went bad with Dromida DIDE1509. I don['t know the KV spec, but they have a bit more whine than the stock motors. They seem faster than stock when I run the motor test from the web interface. Also, you can simply reverse the wires if backwards. These don’t have the pinion gear so keep the old motor and use that one (slips on and off). Hope this helps.


Thanks Harry, they sound like a good replacement option along with the Racerstar recommendation from Matt.

I take it back, I had to replace a second motor today and I’m seeing the ground hover effect when the battery gets to be around 50%. The DIDE1509 doesn’t develop enough thrust.