V2450gps that has a horrible wobble

I have a few v2450gps’s that I’ve been messing with and one of them developed a horrible wobble … I’ve replaced the motors, gears and props and it made No difference …I’ve also defaulted some parameters thinking that could be the issue… But to no avail ! Any ideas ?

I am also having the exact same problem. So I’m gonna follow this topic as well.

Mmm, usually on a smaller brushed/geared like that, if you’ve replaced all four corners fully (motor/gear/pinion/prop) with matching/new parts, all that is left is a frame instability. Cracked? Stress fracture? Bent out of alignment at one of the corners? Battery not centered on COG (broken battery cage?)

How about the FCB, is it isolated/mounted properly? Maybe it shifted off of standoffs?

My v2450 had that but noticed when I slowly rotated the large gears I could see it slightly lift and fall against the small gear. I was able to straighten the spindle and it fixed it on mine.

Also see this thread , near the bottom of it, about an owner running string around the bottom to tension the entire craft

I even put a vibration app on my phone and all appears good there. I did wonder if the FCB messed up…

Whatever the problem is …I (we) will figure it out. Defeat is not in my vocabulary!

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Does it fly with the wobble, or does it try to shake itself out of the sky? If you can post a video of it, it’ll help us understand the scale of the issue better.

Meanwhile, one thing to try might be the Motor test tab in the WebAP interface? Try setting the hover value at around 60, bump up the duration to about 5 seconds, and spin up each motor individually, letting each of the motors spin on their own. A lot of times you can find one arm in particular being pretty nasty this way. From there it’s usually an issue of horribly balanced props (and they can be brand new props and be badly off-balance… we do our best, but cranking out 4 million of an item will have a few bad ones int he batches), or bent shaft pins like mentioned above.

Hope that helps.

I was going to post a video of my wobble But It mysteriously went away

Any chance that you have debris in the drive gear for the prop?
I had an unplanned landing in sand. Flight got very bumpy after that. I cleaned out the gears with a toothbrush and problems improved.

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