V2450GPS Nominated for Toy of the Year!

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this post is against any of the rules, but I’m very proud of this product and wanted people to know that the V2450GPS has been nominated in the Toy of the Year awards! Outdoor category! We’ve got some stiff competition, (even ourselves) but if you have one and love it, I’d really be thrilled if you cast a vote for it!

Here’s the link: http://www.toyawards.org/toyaward/custom/OutdoorToy.aspx

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Hey Matt,
Glad you like the new Sky Viper V2450GPS. I also love it! However I was wondering if you have had any experience with using ArdruPilot to control the SkyViper yet? I am having trouble installing the program on my PC (windows 7). If not could you maybe direct me to someone that can help?


Hi Huntit,

The V2540GPS runs ArduCopter. You can interface with it through the WEB AP address when connected via WiFi ( or fly.sky-viper.com). You can also connect to Mission Planner when your device is connected to the drone. Select UDP and keep the port default. I have used QGround Control on my Android tablet to fly a set of waypoints, too.

Since the version of ArduCopter on the Sky Viper has a lot of custom work on it, I wouldn’t recommend to try updating the FW to anything other than the SkyViper specific builds.

So Matt,
Do you know if Mission Planner will run on a Mac Book Pro?

Honestly, I’m not sure… I burst into flames if I touch an Apple product! :wink:

I think it’s Windows-only.

Sorry to here that! I am not able to successfully download mission planner on my PC core i3
running 7 pro. I have read the other forums about this but so far no go.

Any suggestions?

Doug, post on Mission Planner section of this forum with details of problem you are having? Much better chance someone there who would be able to help you will see your post.