V Tail quad on APM 2.5

Hi I have built a nice V.tail frame, and I have uploaded the betta 3.2 firmware
HOWEVER I can NOT find the v.Tail frame, It’s been talked about for a long time now that the 3.2 firmware will support the V.Tail quads,
Can some one please help me to get the correct firmware, on to the board & select the V.Tail quad frame.
I am using APM planner 2 on Linux 32bit, I have tried mission planner it will not work on the Linux I am running, I have also tried it in a virtual machine still no joy, The only thing that does work is the APM planner 2 for Linux (Thank you so much for all the hard work in developing it, great stuff)
I just would like to get an APM2.5 on my v.tail, ATM I am flying with a CRIUS MWC 2.0 with a custom mix.
But I am keen to get the APM on it.

PLEASE I need Help with this.


I’m building also includes a Hunter.
Have the MINI APM 35x35mm installed and the first flight attempt, he turned clockwise at a high speed.
Can you help me?
I have the PID values are not adjusted but I think that that will not go so easily.
Have 935kv motore it and 18A Kiss controller. wanted to go with 3300mAh 3s in the air. 10x5 "propeller.
For me however, the rear propeller are aligned outward and downward.

Maybe this is also wrong!
Thanks for help