Using Yaw from GPS without EKF

Does anyone know if there is any way to get heading from GPS without using an EKF?

Currently using EK3, although the inertial nav and GPS that we are using is already very accurate, and has already had an EKF applied internally. This means that our accurate GPS is getting less accurate after passing through the EK3 filter in mission planner.

Basically, we want the yaw/heading (also very accurate already) from our nav without having to use an EKF in mission planner.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated

Mission Planner has no EKF. And no EKF3
ArduRover has a EFK.

I do not think that bypassing the compass heading calculations from EKF3 is supported yet.

I don’t know your specific application, but keep in mind that the GPS update rate is 5 Hz (although I have run at 10 Hz), whereas the update rate of the other sensors that the EKF uses, such as the gyro, is much faster, I think. You may find that you have to perform some maneuvers such as pivot turns (if you do those) very slowly IF you can disable the EKF heading, which, as @amilcarlucas states, may not be supported.

There was some discussion of the GPS update rate here Yuri’s 4.1.0-beta Update (GPS yaw - now beta6) - ArduRover / Rover 4.1 - ArduPilot Discourse and down at post 120 of that same thread.

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