Using VICON Position Feedback

Hi everyone!

I am hoping this is the right place to post the question. I’ve been trying to setup VICON for indoor navigation use as instructed here :

In my setup, I am installing the ViconDataStreamSDK, Pyvicon, and MavProxy in a companion computer (raspberry pi 4). I have been installing the ViconDataStream as instructed, and I get the following error when I tried installing the pyvicon :

It seems like the problem is that it cannot find the ViconDataStream_cpp file, yet I tried checking the contents of zip file that i downloaded in ViconDataStream, and it does not have that file - same if i downloaded the older versions of ViconDataStream.

I placed the cpp files in the pyvicon folder, and the so files in the /usr/loca/lib as instructed, and it still gives me similar error. Has anyone faced faced the same issue?

These are software versions that I use :
OS : 64 bit raspbian OS (
VICON data steam SDK : 1.11.0 (

Thank you very much in advance!