Using third party GPS receivers?

Hey I am currently exploring the options of purchasing a Pixhawk but we are on a tight budget and a make or break will be the ease of use with third party GPS devices.

I’m considering this device from amazon which is well reviewed, or any of the other devices in the same object description: … UTF8&psc=1

Could I potentially get something like this to work with a usb-UART converter with the Pixhawk?

Thanks for your time, good to be in the forums.

Really, no one knows about using third party GPS with it?


For what I know, the GPS on the Pixhawk also include a compass. There is an internal one, yes, but you might need it to.

Also a NEO gps is only a few buck ahead.

I couldn’t tell if it would work or not, but maybe for the price overhead of a “regular” and recommanded GPS isn’t worth the try.


Great, I see the Ublox Neo-7M GPS is in fact the same price. I greatly appreciate your advice.

It will work gauranteed with the pixhawk?

If it is this one: … Mount.html

Yes it will.