Using Pre-Fetched map with Plane 3.7


I’m about to begin testing with the ArduPlane 3.7 which comes with the latest distribution for the Emlid Navio2.

I pre-fetched a section of the map of the location where I intend to fly (no internet access at that location). I then created and saved a four-waypoint mission. Please help me these questions:

  1. On-site, how do I bring up the pre-fetched map?

  2. On-site, will ArduPlane will set the home position at the location where I first armed the plane and show it on the map?

  3. Will the plane track the waypoints on the pre-fetched map?



Just came back from a test flight at the pre-fetched location and can answer some of my own questions.

To bring up the pre-fetched region I turned on Mission Planner and the last area of the map I was looking at, which was the area of concern, was still there. I centered and sized it better and was good to go. I guess anything you pre-fetch and save will be there if you move to it.

I positioned the plane to the spot where I wanted the home location to be. When I armed it the “Home” icon came up on the map at that location. Brilliant.

I flew around for a bit in manual flight mode making sure the plane responded normally. Then I tried stabilized flight mode and found it to work well. It tended to climb so I suppose I will adjust the throttle setting.

I invoked RTL and she came about and flew back to the home location where she proceeded to fly in a circle overhead.

Bravo ArduPlane developers! Next test will be a short automated mission and I am really pumped.