Using lidarligth laser rangefinder to ensure fixed horizontal distance during inspection work

looking into getting a LW20 sensor and have some questions if anyone can help clarify.

User case 1: During inspection/mapping of a vertical surface like a dam or the fasade af an building. is there any way to ensure that the copter stays at a fixed distance from the object whilst flying a grid type mission mannually to perform the mapping?

  1. Is it at all possible to perform this task automatically e.g plan a normal “mapping” mission, but for a vertical surface (maybe not perfectly vertical, and it might also be curved :slight_smile:slight_smile:)?

  2. Is it possible to use two sensors, one forward facing and one vertical to assess height?

was looking at this earlier , and they talk about this feature. Would really make this type of inspections more efficient and repeatable…

If anyone can help answer any of these questions i would appreciate it :slight_smile: