Using GPS as the primary Altitude sensor

If I wish to use GPS as the primary Alt sensor the wiki states “Set EK3_SRC1_POSZ EK3_SRC2_POSZ, and EK3_SRC3_POSZ parameters to 3 (GPS).” Would it not be better to set SRC2 and SRC 3 to Baro so that it falls back to using the Baro if the GPS fails? In tests the GPS alt hold is excellent and way better than Baro due to the aerodynamics of my copter (a largish X8) and Im using 2x F9P GPSs for moving baseline yaw)

Hey, @Carapau does the fallback option of using Baro works fine for you?
Does it happen automatically or it is required to set up an RC switch for switching the EK3_SRCn?

Haven’t been able to test yet so not sure.

I am also very interested in understanding more about this. We have been using GPS alt for over a year on 4.0.3 (no issues) but are looking to upgrade to 4.1.x. What exactly is SRC1, SCR2, SRC3? Does this correspond to GPS slots? If I am only using one GPS, would I only need to set SRC1 to GPS? How does the failsafe (to baro) behavior work?

The Wiki also mentions to set AHRS_GPS_USE=2 (includes height) when setting the alt source to GPS. We have never done this in the past. Are there any other negative consequences other than the FC not using GPS alt in Altitude Hold Mode?

Hi there. I’m wondering if anyone has confirmed whether or not it’s a good idea to set EK3_SRC2_POSZ & EK3_SRC3_POSZ to Baro as a fallback in the event of a GPS issue. The documentation seems to indicate this as SRC2 and SRC3 are noted as secondary and tertiary respectively.