Using Dshot300, modified firmware?

Do I understand correctly I need modified firmware to run Dshot300? I’d like to use the latest master with Dshot300 if anyone can point me in the right direction.
Any time I try to run it, the motors twitch a lot. Dshot150 works no problems.

I am running dshot600 ok, but you do need DMA

I’m on a control zero, so I’m pretty sure it had DMA?

I would think so
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You are running dshot600 on the latest master firmware?

Well from a couple of weeks ago. It’s possible something has changed

I have been using Dshot300 for quite a while with no issues

Weird, it must be something specific to my build. I’ve tried Dshot300 many times over the past 6 months and always get motor twitches.

Which flight controller? I found that my cube orange couldn’t do it, but my CUAV flight controllers can

Nevermind, I see you are using a MRO FC… I wouldn’t think that would have any issues

Yea I’ve confirmed the control zero should be fine with dshot

I’ve done some flight with control zero and pixracer pro using dshot 150/300 without issue… soon i will test dshot 600.

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Not sure what I was doing wrong in the past, but it works just fine now.