Using Aux Ports on Cube Orange

Hello all,

I am trying to set up a tilt rotor on a Y6B configuration and what drives the front 4 rotors down is a liner actuator that takes a PWM signal. I would like to have the wheel on the herelink controller, command the actuator up and down but i am having issues with that.

I get radio connection for the wheel, and it displaces on mission planner at RCIN10.
After looking at the aux port mapping of the Cube Orange, RCIN10 corresponds to AUX PORT 2 but i get no power to this port.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The servo rail on the Cube (and many other autopilots) is unpowered. You will see no positive voltage on the center pins of the rail without providing an external power source.

Thank you for your response.

Just to be clear, I cannot power the servo directly from the Cube?

Not exactly, no. The + rail is electrically disconnected from the Cube’s own 5V supply, which allows you to supply any reasonable voltage to that rail.

Definitely do not just steal 5V from an unused port on the Cube. Instead, use a BEC or direct battery connection at the servo’s spec’d voltage. Connect that source to any unused + pin on the Cube’s servo rail. Ensure a common ground with the Cube’s own supply.

Not really. You can assign an RCIN to any available output. If you want direct control of a servo on AUX2 from RCIN10 then set SERVO10_FUNCTION to RCIN10 (60). Or perhaps you did this already and I misunderstood.

You can set this Function to passthru also (1) and then Input=Output but that’s less common now.

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