Using Autotune as a flight mode - best approach to landing to save PID's

A month or two ago I lost my AutoTune settings because after it completed I did a RTL.

I had AutoTune set up as a flight mode - as per the docs. The way I understood them was that switching out of AutoTune as a flight mode - such as going to RTL - was the same as using an aux switch to invoke autotune.

I’m guessing the reason I lost the AutoTune settings was because it has to be in AutoTune when you disarm to save the new PID’s. So maybe if I had quickly switched back to AutoTune flight mode after touchdown before the copter automatically disarmed - and then did the disarm - the PIDs would have saved. Of course that would take split-second timing - and be prone to failure.

Seems the only reliable way to save your PID’s when using AutoTune as a flight mode is to simply stay in that flight mode and land when AutoTune completes.

The question is how does the copter behave in AutoTune flight mode once AutoTune completes? Is it going to be like Loiter? Alt Hold?

If you invoke auto tune from ALT HOLD - it will feel like ALT HOLD when auto tune is complete.

It beeps when complete and sends a text message to the ground station

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It remains in the flight mode that you start autotune

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