Using ARDUSIMPLE SimpleRTK2B+heading harware with arducopter 4.0.4 rc2 for DUAL GPS HEADING SOLUTION

Good Day All

I am trying to figure out the correct way to install and configure the simpleRTK2B+heading board(s) with arducopter and cube 2.1.

The setup as described in the arducopter wiki which also makes use of 2 x F9p Gps unit:

I am wondering if this guide works with the ardusimple unit?

Specifically wrt to :

  1. do both ardusimple boards need to be connected to the cube via their individual UART ports? (does the Cube see only 1 GPS or both?)
  2. the GPS type settings ( UBlox moving baseline base/ UBlox moving baseline rover)
  3. GPS 1 and GPS 2 position (X Y Z) is the heading calculation done on the Ardusimple board or in the arducopter code?

Or am I missing the point that the ardusimple method works totally independently of the method described in the wiki? And the arducopter code still needs to be modified to accept the UBX RELPOSNED message?

In which case, is it possible to use the 2 x ardusimple boards independently as described in the Wiki?

Thanks very much in advance for any input on the above.


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Did you ever get answers to your questions? I have the same questions with regard to ArduRover and have not been able to get it to work nor found detailed documentation.


Well, if you search ardusimple in ardupilot copter, it says you can use them for gps compass