Using APM 2.8 for indoors

Hi, The project I’m working in is for an autonomous flight indoors, so I don’t see the GPS like a good option. I’ve thinking use some ultrasonic sensors (one looking up and another looking in front) and that could travel a certain trajectory without crashing to some object, but before starting with it, I need to make it fly, so there’s any possibility of programming that modify the angles of the drone? (Yaw, pitch, roll) It would be like control it with a radio control but instead of sending signals from the RC, it would be from the algorithm, tell to it in the code something like “keep going up, stop, get moving, etc”. I was trying to use the Mavlink library which has ROS (Mavros), but I’ve had some problems with it, for what I’ve been investigating I think is the version of the firmware which can upload the APM2.8, the 3.2.1 version and Mavros apparently isn’t compatible with it. Has Mavlink the possibility to control it from the RPI using code, like I told you? or from mission planner is it possible?

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