Using APM 2.6 with ESCs having fixed endpoints?

For a new tricopter project I’m looking at using an APM 2.6 with ESCs that have fixed endpoints (Castle Creations new multirotor ESCs). Per Castle, these ESCs look for signals of 1.3 ms for zero throttle and 1.8 ms for full throttle.

To make this work do I just go into the APM’s full parameter list and set RC3_MIN to 1300 and RC3_MAX to 1800? Or is it better to change the endpoints on my RC transmitter’s throttle throw and let the APM pass it through? Not sure I quite have my mind around it yet. Thanks!

The 2nd option you’ve thought of involving reducing the range of your TX’s channel 3 followed by re-doing the radio calibration through the mission planner should do it…in fact re-doing the radio calibration is the same as your first idea which was to modify RC3_MIN and MAX.

 AC uses the input throttle range for the output to the motors.

 Hope this helps.

Thanks very much Randy! That’s exactly what I needed to know.