Using a Futaba R7008SB and CGY750 with Pixhawk ver 3.4.6

I’m trying to connect the above hardware and while I can calibrate the radio just fine, I can’t get the Pixhawk to power the CGY750. I’m using a 18MZ TX. I’ve got the SBUS port on the RX going to “RC” port on the Pixhawk and the CGY750 connected to “SB” port.

What else do I need to do?

You need to enable the S.Bus out on the Pixhawk. It is BRD_SBUS_OUT and it is set to zero by default. You need to set it to the the value you want for the S.Bus frame rate. I use 4, which is 150Hz for a CGY750.

Settings as suggested and still no luck. NOw I have a startup issue with my Pixhawk so I won’t be able to try anything till I get that sorted. This is very frustrating and perhaps becoming too difficult. Maybe there is an easier platform to move to.

I’m not aware of any problems with the SBUS on 3.4.6. But I think it would be better to put Copter 3.5.4 in it instead. The CGY750 should power from the SBUS port just fine. It does here. But I am using a Pixhawk 2.1 and the CGY750 powers from the servo rail and not from power to the board. So you will need to have your servo power to the rail to get the CGY750 to fire up.

Ok. Been off air for a while as I had two 3DR Pixhawks fail on me. Not sure why but I’m getting a red flashing light on both and can’t seem to fix that. Just received a mRo Pixhawk and so back in business.

Hopefully I can continue where I left off.

I now have the new Pixhawk set up on the heli and I have BRD_SBUS_OUT set at 4 and power on the servo rail so the CGY750 is powering up but it won’t initialise (just shows ID and Ver:1.31). It looks like its no getting a signal from the SB port on the Piixhawk. Anything else I should be doing? Thanks in advance. Firmware is v3.5.5 Mission Planner is v1.3.56

Param 29 Apr 2018.param (13.4 KB)

oz, for the CGY750 downstream, you have to set H_FLYBAR_MODE to 1 for pass-thru. And set H_SWASH_TYPE to 1 for no mixing in the Pixhawk. And make sure your RC radio is also using H1 and no mixes. The mixing is done in the CGY750.

Also, all the ATC_RAT PID’s have to be zero’d out and set the ATC_RAT_x_VFF to at least .35. Then you can set your pitch range with the H_ settings as normal and do the rest of the setup in the CGY750 to “capture it”. The CGY750 will not initialize until you do the setup and capture and go thru all the menu items in the FBL unit by pressing the buttons with the little plastic screwdriver that comes with it. The manual for the 750 is a little poor. And your FBL unit needs an upgrade to the latest v2 firmware. If you google it on YouTube, Nick Maxwell has a pretty good video tutorial on how to up grade the CGY750’s firmware and go thru the setup.