Using 2 servos for pitch

Hello, I want to use 2 servos for pitch in APM 2.6, they should spin in opposite direction. How I can change spin direction of 1 servo, since they are both connected to 1 RC output?

The possible solutions are: to add one more RC output which will be connected to 1 axis (either pitch or yaw), or make it possible to control 2 servos by 1 RC output.

I want to use 2 servos on pitch axis in order to have higher effort for better stability of antenna.

Best regards, Nikita.


you could use an inline servo reverser. They are cheap and simple to use.
On my tracker, I use a Kkmini board flashed with Openaerovtol. The mixing possibilities are amazing with this firmware. Tilt signal is going from APM to the Kkmini and from the Kkmini to the two tilt servos. The servos are running perfectly in sync.