Uses of RPLIDAR A1 2D 360

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas in advance! This year I have prepared to mount a RPLIDAR A1 2D 360 on my drone, and I have the following question.

I have been seeing the information about it and the video of our partner @rmackay9 and there is something that I have not understood and I would like you to clarify it to me.

I thought that this sensor can replace the GPS for indoor flights, my idea was to use this sensor together with a lidar to control the altitude and thus make a decent indoor flight, but according to the wiki is only to detect possible obstacles. Is this really like this? Or can it also be used as a GPS spice so that our drone maintains the position in loiter?

I appreciate any help in this regard, or contact someone who can help me clarify this or carry it out.

Hi Juan,

I’m not sure about the RPLidarA1 but the A2 can certainly be used with ROS/Google Cartographer to fly indoors without a GPS. Instructions are here on the wiki.

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Thank you very much for answering me so soon @ rmackay9
In the video I see that you use it with a rover, but would it also work in a drone? Even if I repeat the question, for being completely safe and venturing to buy the rplidar A2.

The idea is to be able to fly it manually, with an RC station in Loiter mode, and with the rplidar maintain the position.

When I have used, until now, a companion computer, I have not known that it works independently sending instructions in a way that is not Guided and that the computer does not have all the control :frowning: