Used 3DR X8+ new to me

During a reorg and cleanup at work I came into posession of a 3DR X8+. It was purcheased in late 2014 used at little and shelved. The FMU says APM Copter, on the side it is marked 3DR PX4. The camera has been removed. The camera transmitter is there marked TS2501_120511. The order sheet shows LiveView kit for GoPro. The rest of the X8+ seems to be intact(915MHz telemetry, GPS, D4R-II. Two 10000ma 14.8v batteries and e4 SKYRC charger.

Batteries charged fine.

There is a 3DR 915 MHz with micro usb that when connected to my Nexus 7 is seen by DroidPlanner 2.0.

The flight controller is a FS-TH9X. Someone applied labels to the controls. There is a 3DRobotics FPV LCD mounted to the controller. A Fr Sky DJT Telemetry module plugged into the back.

I have been reviewing the operators manual and youtube videos on the X8+.

Before attempting to fly this, are there any other things I should check?

The current firmware is unknown, how do I check?

Should I update firmware?

Thanks for any suggestions.


yes, update the FW and recalibrate