Use IO Debug port or FMU Debug port (SOLVED)

Goodmorning everyone.
I would need an additional port on my Pixhawk 4 (Telem1, Telem2 and UART are busy) to use a Yaapu cable for FrSky Passthroug. It would be possible to use the doors IO Debug port or FMU Debug port?
Thanks everyone for your help
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Try it.That info can be found here:
Pixhawk4 UARTS

Thank you @dkemxr ,
I had read this article.
I have assumed that the ports I am interested in should be Serial5 and Serial6. To power Yaapu I used a bec 5v and then I connected the earth of the bec 5v with the earth of the IO Debug port or FMU Debug port. Pin2 (TX) to my YAAPU cable. But nothing, I have no data output from my FrSky S.port port. Maybe I am wrong with the wiring?
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What Receiver? Let’s see the Parameter file.

Receiver is FrSky X8R and parameters of SERIAL6 port is:


with these same parameters if I change port (UART / I2C) I disconnect the GPS and connect the YAAPU cable it works and I receive telemetry data on the transmitter…

Thank’s @dkemxr

This is the conf. fileBackup_040122_412.param (17.5 KB)

You should only have one UART configured with Protocol 10. Set the ones not being used to default.

Thank you @dkemxr ,
it worked.
I had not thought that several doors in an identical way to be able to enter into conflict!
Thanks for opening my eyes!

Hello. I am using Pixhawk cube orange and I want to debug. I bought a black magic probe card for this, but I could not debug using this card.

How did you debug? I am unable to debug despite following the instructions on the ardupilot page and the zubax dumps. Can you help me?

The shotgun approach of replying to multiple posts with the same question is not appreciated. 4 different threads in 20 minutes before you received an answer to the 1st one?