Use APM to replace bricked drone's PCB

Hi everybody,

First of all, hello everybody, it’s my first topic! I am a Bulgarian living in Paris and I am just beginning with RC. I like modding stuff, both hardware and software!
My problem is that I bricked my first drone Aosenma CG035 installing a new firmware. The drone has a unique id protection and the only solution is to purchase a new PCB.
I wanted to ask you guys if it’s possible to replace the bricked PCB with ArduPilot Mega (which has lots of fun features as I read) and use all the other parts that are working: 4 brushless motors 1806, ECS, GPS module, TX, RX and frame of course? What about the possibility to bind the existing transmitter to the new APM board? Could I assign custom flight modes to the existing transmitter, as it has multiple buttons?
Thank you very much!