USB Port broken, alternative connection possible?

Yesterday at the field, I was configurating my PIDs with my notebook and than I forgot to unplug my USB-Cable from the APM 2.6 Board. Now, the whole USB-Port is ripped out ( included the soldering-pad => not repairable ). But I have to connect the board again to APM-Mission Planer.

Is there any way to connect it otherwise?
I got a ISP-Programmer and an soldering iron. (no radio module)

Thank you!

You can connect it with a USB to RS232/TTL Adapter (aka FTDI). You just need to connect RX / TX / GND to the Telemetry port.
Just dont know if you can upload a new firmware, some tweaking might be required.

You can also connect a cheap Bluetooth Adapter there, then you can set it up wireless :smiley: