USB Camera with Raspberry Pi, PX4, and Mission Planner

I am doing a project with PixHawk 4 and a rover that consists of using a FPV camera in Mission Planner. Would it be possible to connect a USB camera to a raspberry pi and have that display on Mission Planner? I am using SSH to run the MAVLINK protocol and was wondering if it would be possible to use a Cellular Transmission signal to send Live Feed video to the application.

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Yes, that’s all do-able. What you’re looking for is the Companion Computers — Dev documentation section of the Wiki.

So I would even if the Pi is solely used for MAVLINK through Mission Planner on my PC, I would need to download Rpanion?

If you just want MAVLink streaming, you can use mavlink-router.

On 4G/LTE/Cellular, it is likely you’ll need some sort of VPN service (Zerotier, tailscale) to route the packets between the Pi and your GCS.