Uploading WayPoints , Spline Waypoints to apm

Hello Everyone

I’am building my mini GCS , I had Arm/Disarm are working correctly.
but i’am stuck in how to send the waypoints to my drone, i need to send a Spline waypoints .
i’ve tried MAV_CMD_NAV_SPLINE_WAYPOINT and set parameters as required but it does not send anything to my drone .
here is my code

MAVLink.mavlink_command_long_t alaa = new MAVLink.mavlink_command_long_t();
alaa.target_system = 1;
alaa.target_component = 1;
alaa.command = (ushort)MAV_CMD.MAV_CMD_NAV_SPLINE_WAYPOINT;
alaa.param1 = 0; // hold time
alaa.param4 = 0; // yaw angle
alaa.param5 = latt; // desired latitude
alaa.param6 = longg; // desired longitude
alaa.param7 = altt; // desired altitude
byte[] packet = mavAlaaWrite.GenerateMAVLinkPacket10(MAVLink.MAVLINK_MSG_ID.COMMAND_LONG, alaa);
Serial.Write(packet, 0, packet.Length);

so can someone please make a simple example by sending mission spline waypoints to my drone by clicking on a command button ?

i’am programming using c# windows forms.

Many Thanks in Advance.

would you please help me with that ?

What autopilot hardware are you using? What version of arducopter and mission planner?
Not all versions support spline waypoints.

Dear @xfacta
Thank you so much for your reply , I have APM 2.6 and APM 2.8 ( Ardupilot Mega ) as a hardware autopilot one of them can be used, as a ground control station I’m implementing my own GCS similar to mission planner.

All I need is how to upload waypoints no problem if they are not spline waypoints , it is Ok for regular waypoints if you can help.

It’s beyond my experience, but you might find what you need in the development docs

Also those APM’s are old and wont support recent Arducopter versions and wont support spline waypoints.
If you want to continue using them, just use ordinary waypoints.

@xfacta I’v read all the contents of the link you have commented and much more before posting my request.
Ordinary waypoints are ok i just need to know how to send them.