Upgrading your 915/866/433 radio tele. units

I’ve gotten a lot of great tips from knowledgeable forum goers in this area and I have no doubt that you all will come through for me and share your knowledge in this area as well.

what I’m referring to in the topic is adding a more substantial antenna to your 3dr radio unit. Probably either an omni or bidirectional antenna. As I learned in a previous discussion, boosting your telemetry device via upgraded antenna provides better range without adding noise that is often the result of amplifying the signal.
I have browsed the web a bit for some possible upgrade antennas and one thing that I have noticed is that few antennas being sold are specifically tuned in to 915, 866, or 433. Does the upgrade antenna need to be listing for the exact frequency as your 3dr radio. If I come across a listing for an antenna that says 900 mhz antenna or 900/1800mhz, will they work with a 915mhz 3dr radio. And which radio do I modify? air or ground module? or both?
Here is an example of an antenna that looks promising but I don’t really know. It is listed as a 5dbi omni directional mobile antenna. The listing outlines it’s specs;

Frequency Range: 900-928MHz
Antenna Gain: 5dbi
Impedance: 50 ohms
Typical VSWR: 1.5:1
Integrated N Male connector
Stainless Steel Construction
Vertically polarized
Radiation pattern: Omni Directional
Power rating: 100W
Antenna Length: 16 inches
Requires N-Female type mount (not included)
link to the listing
ebay.com/itm/5dBi-900MHz-Omn … 2569a6568b

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You are good to go. They match.