Upgrading Iris+ Transmitter

I am interested in upgrading my transmitter on the Iris+ and decided on either the Turnigy 9xr Pro or the Taranis x9d plus. Any recommendations? Also, I am still a beginner. How difficult is it to upgrade and what is required. Do I need to purchase anything else? Thanks for your help.

Either one will work fine. I have the 9XR Pro version that I use for my other copters but still use the original transmitter with my IRIS. I have however have upgraded the transmitter and receiver to a X8R receiver and XJT transmitter which works in the IRIS radio.
This gives me better distance and works better with the GoPro camera with the WiFi turned on.
I don’t use the telemetry coming back to the radio which will have to be reengineer if you upgrade the radio or transmitter.


Thanks for the reply and again in a newbie. Can I just use the transmitter on the Iris radio and put on the 9xr Pro?

Yes, you can also do that as well. The current transmitter module is a DJT with a mode cable run inside the radio which you will not be able to use. This provides the telemetry data.

http://www.frsky-rc.com/product/product.php?cate_id=11&cate_name=Tx Modules