Upgrade process

I wanted to take advantage of the spline functionality in 3.2. I made some assumptions in upgrading firmware that I probably shouldn’t have. Here are the steps that I took:

[ol][li]I saved a known good configuration from firmware version 3.1 via mission planner[/li]
[li]I uploaded 3.2-rc2 to my pixhawk[/li]
[li]I reloaded the configuration back on to the pixhawk once the firmware update was complete.[/li][/ol]

I just assumed that the ESC calibration shouldn’t need to be accomplished every time a firmware upgrade was completed. However when I went out today to fly, it appeared that the motors were out of sync. Are there specific procedures that I should accomplish when upgrading firmware or am I “safe” using the previous configuration that worked on the previous version of the firmware?

I certainly appreciate any help that anyone could offer up.



The escs shouldn’t need a recal.

Have you done a accel cal? maybe it thinks its tilted when it isn;t and driviing some motors before others if that is what you mean by out of synch.

I didn’t because I thought all of the calibration information would have been included in the configuration file, right?

I may be getting my release candidates confused but at least one of them needs a Mission Planner upgrade and at least a compass recalibration.