Upgading 4.1.2 to lastest firmware is a risk?

hello i’m actually using an hover 2 foxtech drone using 4.1.2 firmware. i have a problem to use my wiris camera connecting on mavling (trigger, geotagging). foxtech say me that i will have some trouble upgrading firmware. is it a basic question but how risk can i have is i make this upgrade. PID are well setting and the drone fly well. is the upgrade will have an effect concerning pid or done behaviour?
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The developer team goes to a lot of efforts to make sure the software has no regressions and can be safely upgraded:

  • Each change is tested by the developer that does the change
  • Automated regression testsuite with 100`s of tests that must fully pass at each code change
  • Manual code reviews from multiple persons for each line of code that gets changed
  • Some of the changes get discussed at the weekly team meeting with more that 20 very capable developers
  • Lot of care is taken to automated and reliable parameter update from previous versions.
  • 1000’s of people use the latest stable firmware in the real world, and have no issues.
  • some of the dev team members are really, really good at what they do.

That said, this is open source, and free of charge, no one can guarantee that it will work for your use case and your particular configuration. Especially if you do not read the documentation :slight_smile: I’m sure that is not the case with you, but I’m just putting it in clear English here for other users.

My personal advice: update to 4.3.2-rc1 and do not look back!

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Thank you very much. i will save all parameters and test the latest firmware… i don’t understand with manufacturer said that. best regards

Maybe better if you ask foxtech if the firmware they use has some mod over the stock one before you update it. Ask them what kind of problems they refer to concerning the update.

I don’t either, spec page says it’s a Cube Orange. Is it?

Probably upgrade to 4.2.3 as the least risky - this should just work the same as you have now with the possible exception of the servo/GPIO pins as mentioned below.
It’s getting confusing, because latest stable is 4.3.x so be sure to read the digits the right way.

  • If GPIO pins (used may be used for buttons, camera triggers, relays, etc) do not work, the issue is likely that the appropriate SERVOx_FUNCTION parameter must be set to -1. Please see this wiki page for more details .


  • Motor PWM range always uses MOT_PWM_MIN/MAX (if these are not set, they are defaulted to RC3_MIN/MAX values)

Ensure you have
set for T-Motor Flame and Alpha ESCs
or you might not need to change anything if they are conventional ESCs.
Probably wise to use MissionPlanner motor test and check MOT_SPIN_ARM and MOT_SPIN_MIN

yes i will write another time to know more informations of possible changes. now 60% of the support is infected by covid and they can’t test anything…

yes it’s a orange cube and i using an herelink.

Yes thank you. the cause of this question is that i used a gremsy gimball connecting in mavlink and i had a lot of problem to fix all problems with it, i say on the wiki that there two procedure to set it, one besfore 4.2 and another one for the latest firmware, now it works well.
but for my wiris agro R, mavlink is not working, wiris support said me she sould probably works with lastest firmware but i say they propose a firmware patch compatibility for older firmware. so i ask to foxtech if it’s not a problem if i upgrade and they said me it will be risked… so at indeed, if my 4.1.2 is a modified firmware… perhaps some differences will appear. i’m more stressed with flight behaviour… because the payload his very expansive… i have to disconnect the gimball before test if i upgrade…

if firmware is modified, is mission planner will see the difference when i will load the 4.2.3?
i have also to know which firmware is compatible with the wiris… if 4.2.3 is confirmed, i think i will test it…

if not… and if there is no downgrade compatible with firmware camera, i will need to install the lastest i think…

i finally have a solution!
the gremsy gimbal caused the problem, i have to control the differents wire or verify if the passtrought gimball wire is really connected because i see on camera setting that i receive now mavlink connection and trigger is ok now! thank for all