Update CUAVv5Nano from 4.0.9 USB stops working

After an update to anything 4.1.0 or later I can no longer connect to the autopilot via the USB Port. If I roll back to 4.0.9 everything is fine. I tried reseting to defaults while in 4.0.9 before upgrading, still no joy. Using Mission Planner 1.3.75 tried both the new firmware upgrade and the legacy. The actual issue is that the attempt to connect gives the “No Heartbeat Packets Received” message, but the Com ports look correct, and I can still load firmware into it to go back to 4.0.9.

A brand new out of the box CUAVV5 Nano worked just fine, to further complicate this. So i have one autopilot that updates without issue, and one that doesn’t.

Any thoughts?

This is true also with the UART connection.

Will the autopilots no longer boot if they don’t find the onboard compass? That did break on the one that won’t update a while back?

If you can upload logs and parameters files before and after. (I realize the “after” bit might not work here through Mission Planner.)

If you want gather your full SDCard and upload it to google drive etc. In the STRGBAK folder is a copy of your parameters on boot before any conversion occurs (for the last 100 boots).

If you can’t getting any log etc after the upgrade. I would try uploading copter which will wipe the parameters and then plane.

I presume you dont have anything connected to the flight controller during this upgrade? And have tried different USB ports and if possible another computer?

Thank you for replying.

I have tried plane, copter and rover all with the same results, as well as resetting parameters to defaults prior to the upgrade. So I don’t think its a param translation issue. I’m thinking that there is maybe logic added if a sensor is dead? The Mag onboard the board that doesn’t work is bad I always turn it off.

You can try to update the firmware from qgroundControl, It will reset the parameter to factory setup, but recover your FC, with luck.

Thank you for saying you have tried different vehicles types.

In order to assist we need more information like I described above. (Logs, backup files, parameters, what you have connected)

You should still be able to connect to mission planner and receive mavlink packets if a sensor dies.

Have tried connecting with another GCS: MavProxy or QGC?

Have you tried different Baud Rates?

Have you tried with everything disconnected except the USB?

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So, this is interesting, I noticed that some hardware config stuff had changed for FMUv5, and so I tried building plane 4.1.4 with 16k of HAL space in FRAM, and that works, put it back to 32k and broken. Seems like I’m the only one having this issue, so I’m sure I won some sort of lottery.

As described above, I’m using the default params for the type.

That is interesting and does not sound good. Unfortunately, I do not have that board to try this on. But we should investigate this I think.

Possibly, the storage is being corrupted. Note the STRG_BAK folder contains a complete snapshot of the storage right as the system boots and before nearly any operations occurs.