Unvalid compiltation for TradHeli

Dear all,
For some days I am trying to compile the copter code for Heli. Each time I have troubles with the ch"x"out for the 4 first channels.
The only firmware which seems to work is the “Stable” version to AC3.2.1 which is by default from Feb 2015. Unfortunately, I am unable to compile it (generating errors).

My question is:

  • Is the “heli” broken in “master” or am doing something wrong?

I am compiling the “Master” branch with “make px4-v2-heli”. When it is compiled and uploaded in the PixHawk, the 4 first channel output values are something like “65535” and not changing.

Thank you in adavance for your help.


Issue soved,
The trouble was not in the compilation process but in the Pre-Arm feature. I was not able to ARM the system, thus it was not updating the 4 first outputs. Don’t ask me why. But since I desactivated the preArm checks, everything is OK.