Unknown Quad Crash

I performed a suitable flight in stabilized mode, but when I gave the order to take off 2 meters in guided mode, I experienced the accident that appeared in the video. what could be the reason for this? Video → https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YRDO_TX0EQKYpztlJTqMU_cPXZKA7eNo/view?usp=sharing
Log →
2022-08-17_17-01-40.bin (304 KB)

Are you sure this is the right log as it doesn’t seem to match the video? At least, as a NON expert in this the video seems to move in a completely different way to what the logs are suggesting.

The quad is still on stock tuning. You need to complete the full tuning as per the wiki before you can fly in an automatic mode such as guided.