Unknown Issue(s) with Quadcopter

I’m having some issues with my quadrotor that I can’t explain. I was taking my drone for it’s first test flight when it flipped out of control and crashed into the ground. Looking back at the logs, there was an interesting phenomena where if I hit my Motor Emergency Stop Switch (Channel 7), all power would cut out and the log would be empty. Has this been something someone has experienced before and how was the issue corrected?


Read more similar posts in this forum. That is probably a motor order problem.

I’ve checked all motor positions and directions several times so that shouldn’t be the issue. Is there anything else that could cause the flipping?

Also, are there any ideas as to what could be causing what I’m guessing are brownouts when I toggle the Motor Emergency Stop Switch?

Performed another flight the other day with similar results. None of the brownout zones appear during the test but this flight did result in another crash. I did double checked the motor order before flight and everything was in order.


Is the motor test spin order is A B C D ? Not 1 2 3 4?

Correct. That is the motor order

Looking at the first log…

Upgrade to latest stable firmware.

The first log has multiple emergency motor stops, so I dont think that’s the issue.
More likely some wiring problem.

You have:
Servo1 Motor2
Servo2 Motor4
Servo3 Motor3
Servo4 Motor1
which is OK if you’ve done your wiring for neatness or convenience, then moved the motor functions to produce the correct results in MissionPlanner motor test.
Be sure that in MissionPlanner motor test the correct motors activate when selecting A/B/C/D (ignore the 1,2,3,4 motor numbering in this diagram)

Also the motors are getting driven to maximum output trying to get airborne, so the quad is either very underpowered or very overweight. Even if you could get it airborne it will be highly unstable.
If you have BLHELI ESCs then set LOW RPM POWER PROTECT = OFF and try again.

If you can get to hover for a while in Stabilise and then AltHold that will tell us some more.

Looking at the second log - same as above

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