Unexpected RTL Altitude Gain

I had a very unexpected RTL altitude gain with my hexa. I usually fly at dusk after work and have had no issues with RTL set at 200 cm. Mainly because I have palm trees above my yard and dont want to hit the branches.

Over the last couple days I’ve done auto trim flights with no issues, also changed the MOT_THRST_EXPO from 0.2 to 0.65 in 3 increments with nice flying. All to get ready for an Autotune this weekend where I can get to a big field.

Anyway today lunch time I tried to do a quick flight and I had very twitchy throttle with lots of altitude gains, even in Loiter. on my second flight I think at 10:40 ish in the log in loiter mode the Hexa seemed unstable unexpectedly and I believe I flipped to RTL but instead of 2 m it shot to 30 ft.

I tried a few more times had similar results.

One main thing that is different is the temp its hot now around 85 degree with full sun, usually at dusk I fly in 60’s and low light.

The bin link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BCitsFrkQiaBCSSj4BH5MHeU7VXyhUyP/view?usp=sharing

Anyone have ideas?

I conducted another flight at dusk when the temps dropped to the 70’s and there was no intense direct sunlight from overhead. I powered up the thing and I noticed some kind of accelerometer not aligned error. So i let the thing sit for 15-18 minutes powered up.

The accelerometer error went away, so I flew atl hold, loiter etc at 2 m and did not see any issues. RTL was fine too.

I still need to complete tuning, but I believe this un-usual flight at lunch time was due to the Pixhawk not at a stable temperature.

This is concerning to me but something I’ll have to anticipate.