Unexpected behaviour in mission

Hello guys,

today i had an unexpected behaviour while doing an automission with my copter. everything seems to be working as supposed but at the moment the copter reach its first waypoint, it doesnt move at all from the point to the next command, i waited a few seconds and nothing happend so i enggaged RTL.

i still cant see a problem in the LOG,

here is the downloadable link

thank you for your help and time

here is a comparative in the horizontal velocity of the drone in the last two fights. it’s obvious that the drone stopped in the waypoint for a long time until the RTL mode is engaged

also in this picture we can see that the command was actually “sent to do” (command #7…go to waypoint 2) but it never happend. my big question is why?

Regardless of the problem you should update the firmware. 3.6.9 had critical issues.

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