Understanding video transmition to mission planner

hello to everyone and thank you for the awesome community!
I’m in the process of building my first Copter.
I’m going to use a Kakute f7 AIO v1.5 and a PI zero for 4G connection.
my goal is to control the quad from my phone wherever I’m in and have camera input from the drone.
I haven’t found any information about camera output support from the Autopilot (Kakute F7 AIO) to the Pi Zero and the mission planner at the end.

I have built many quads before but this is my first time on a project like that.
any help will be greatly appreciated


In my way you need only 1 UART to join each other your fc and pi and after all about programming on pi like set image on pi also some commands and so on
I hope it’s help for you


hi thank for the replay.
what your saying is that the video signal from the FC will be output from the UART?

No , video outputting from pixhawk also apm you need to video telemetry data so go to 30×30 stack who provides video osd
You can check here


The signal from the Camera and the signal from the OSD are mixed and the resulting signal is fed to the video transmitter (vTx).

To get video to Mission Planner you need to connect a UVC receiver to your computer and then use Config > Planner to configure setup the video device and format.

The resulting video stream will be over layed onto the HUD screen in Mission Planner > Data

As far as using your phone to control the aircraft, I think it is a REAL BAD IDEA.