Understanding mode switching and GPS usage

Hi reading the Arducopter flight mode data I do not understand what is meant by switch position 1 Stabilize-Doesn’t use GPS- (Bottom switch position) switch position 2 Stabilize (no comment) switch position 3 Alt hold- Doesn’t use GPS-(Middle switch position). switch position 4 (no comment) and so on, I am using the ER9x with a Turnigy TX configured with 3 position and 2 position switches, When I read further adding Loiter changes the switching, I cannot grasp what is being said here, can you please help. Regards Goofa.

Hi Had a few guys looking, but have had no one suggest anything as yet, really need some help here Regards Goofa :unamused:

Hi goofa,

I don’t get what are you reading, post a link if possible, but if you want to understand the flight modes, you can take a look to the wiki here: