Understanding "Land Mode" during failsafe

Hi All,

I am pretty sure I know the answer to a) but hoping someone can clarify.
a) If I have my failsafe set to “Land Mode” will the aircraft use GPS (assuming it has it) to hold its current position during descent?
b) If the aircraft looses GPS during its descent (tall surrounding buildings for example) will the aircraft continue to descend (not holding its position)? While this may seem obvious, I am curious if someone has actually been able to test this?


Right on both counts, tested many times. W/O GPS it’s at the mercy of the wind as it descends. Not always a good outcome but perhaps better than the alternative AltHold. But you could come up with an argument for either depending where you are flying.

Thanks Dave!

c) If the aircraft then regains GPS during its descent (after loosing it), will it hold its new current position?

Yes, I think it would but have not had that experiance.

i tested it in simulator it seems that it will not flyaway and continue to descending without location locking